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Thread: Glitch :(

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    Glitch :(

    Ummm... So as I was checking my restaurant, the 'no connection' sign popped up I had 2 boiled lobsters (around 1100 plates left, 2 burritos, around 250 plates left, and stew that I had just served). I had also just spent all my money, and I literally had around 400 coins. I closed out, checked my wifi connection, then opened RS back up, and much to my surprise, the two burrito plates were gone, the boiled lobsters had only like 200 plates left, and the stew serving had been cut in half! . Then I looked up and saw that I had about 5,000 coins... I don't know if that's what I would earned with all that disappeared food, but nonetheless I would still like an explanation...

    Unless I'm just wasting my time (*NORMAN!*)

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    That happened to my bakery story too and as far as i read the complaint about this, not either team lava or norman ever responded.
    I guess some thread are just not visible to their eyes *grumpy*

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    Yeah I forgot to add that it happened in my bakery as well... Doesn't really bother me but all I want is an explanation

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